Tony's Dialect Associates

Trained and trusted by Tony, they're the best of the best. The A-Team teach classes with Tony, offer 1:1 dialect coaching, and have worked on the following sets; THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, IMPOSTERS, iZOMBIE, SHUT EYE, ZOO, HARD POWDER, HOLD THE DARK, ALTERED CARBON and others: excellence abounds!

Tony also has dialect coaches that can teach you another language for your next audition or role.

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cassandra           cavalli

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Brenda                crichlow

“Thank you for this experience... working with Cassandra, Brenda & Rhona was incredibly enlightening. I really enjoyed being able to work with the different energy each person brought to class. I’ve noticed a change in my performance when I’m auditioning and I have already recommended it to all...”
— Jaleese Green, actress
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Rhona           Rees

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Francesca                Bianchi

Truly rewarding experience...highly recommend.  The variety of homework assignments from class, real life style auditions, cold reads, improv and set run throughs really made for a well rounded learning experience. Having multiple instructors to provide an ear, constructive feedback and industry insight really impressed me.
— Samantha Hermann

check out what ELSE our students have to say:


“Standard American Dialect class literally blew the roof off my house. I gained rock solid confidence and skills from the top notch instruction, the direct and constructive feedback, the instructors' genuine passion, and the strategic and professional instructional process. By taking this class, students can gain an invaluable specialization; but more importantly, they can never read this review the same way again.” - Tara Hansen


“I just completed Tony's 8 week Standard American class with Cassandra, Brenda and Rhona also bringing their areas of expertise so we really had a very well-rounded and diverse environment with which to work. I'm always reminded of how Tony's approach works wonders in a short amount of time because, and he is so right, no matter how much technical stuff you may learn about accents, it's the Attitude that gives you innate understanding and ease! It was an awesome experience and so practical in integrating it in our acting work. And 8 weeks in this fun environment is perfect to have ongoing practice, tuning your ear, and for this "way of being" to become the habit you want to have.” - Monique Phillips


"Tony's classes and one-on-one sessions are amazing. I was able to greatly reduce my German accent in my daily speech, and am now able to sound like an American in scenes if necessary - all the while having so much fun in the process! Fun and process - two things Germans value highly." - Michael Diel


“I just wanted to share a huge success...I recently had an hour conversation with a lady and she could NOT detect an accent... She only found out about me being ESL after she asked me where I was born...and she prides herself in usually detecting accents. Haha! We did it!!! Thank you!!” - Christa Eichenberger