SELF-TAPE (Includes Dialect Coaching)


SELF-TAPE (Includes Dialect Coaching)


Why pay for half the job? WE DO IT ALL:

When it comes to self-tapes, other coaches will tape and upload, but can't attend to you dialect needs.

You then have to pay AGAIN for a dialect coach, putting each self-tape north of one hundred dollars!

Be smart: Tony Alcantar has been teaching for 30 years, and Francesca Bianchi for over 10.

WE DO IT ALL... for the same price as a premium coach!

**The process goes faster if you email your sides/script/breakdown with your request**

Please note this is for auditions only. If there's something new you want to learn, or skills you need to hone, you can purchase the 4-pack or sign up for ongoing classes.

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