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internationally renowned Dialect Coach,

Tony alcantar

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Tony and Martin Freeman 

has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars on some of the biggest shows: FARGO, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, ALTERED CARBON, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS and more.  

Born and raised in Chicago, Tony received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Acting and Theatre from Chicago’s Roosevelt University, studying under Chicago’s premiere dialect coach Belinda Bremmer.

His post-graduate training includes an extensive knowledge and practice of the Middle Eastern, Asian, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Yiddish accents as well as the English dialects of Cockney, Standard British, Scottish, Irish, New York, American East Coast, Chicago, Midwest, and Southern.

Tony is an alumnus from the world-famous The Second City theatre where for two years he....

“Everyone at MGM is very happy…thanks for the great work on FARGO…the cast relied on you and trusted your instruction…no one could do it better.”
— Kim Todd, Producer, FARGO
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Tony and his associates have recently worked on the following projects:

...due to the new rule for Canadian TV funding, “ will now be easier to hire Americans instead, weakening the influence of Canadians on the final content.”  This means Canadian actors MUST be on the top of their game. 
— Globe and Mail, October 9th, 2016
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"Tony...Thank you for everything. You've been a real pleasure. I thank you and Alice (Halle's on-screen character) thanks you. Have a drink on us. Love, Halle" - Halle Berry, Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe Winner


"Thank you for your help with that was immensely important to me that it worked…your ear and your nudging was fantastic - and sometimes surprising!"

- Martin Freeman, Emmy and BAFTA Winner, Golden Globe nominee


“Tony, thank you so much for your help (on Birth of the Dragon); you are a great teacher. I will miss you!”

Jing Jing Qu, lead in the feature film, Birth of the Dragon

You, Tony, are a part of that family that needs to share in the credit of all the critical acclaim of FARGO.
— Chad Oakes, Producer, FARGO
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